What's Great about Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has made a sequence of unforgettable movies, yet she's  an A-lister!

Jennifer Aniston is eventually up for an subsidization! She's competing against herself for a Razzie in the lowest actress collection for The Controller and The Generousness Ticker. This is the most credit she's received as an actress since she won a Happy Orb, Laurels and Check Actors Guild awards for her wreak in Friends. One wonders: if Friends hadn't been an ensemble remove with the another actors actuation her along, would she make gotten any memory at all? New than - "I requisite that haircut!" (Ironically now it's Jen's honor that pushes the place of her sometime direct mates' careers along.)

Don't forget, Jen has favorable movies. Two to be direct: The Solid Fille and Friends With Money. Both less seen, but critically acclaimed movies with sealed cast casts.
If any other actress in Hollywood had her track record: two good movies versus a bakers dozen of flops, she wouldn’t be an A-lister. Possibly a C-lister or less. Yet, Jen, with her teaspoon of talent keeps raking in the big bucks and the starring roles in big budget movies that frankly, suck.
Why? What is it about Jen that causes directors and producers to keep shoving scripts her way? Is she blackmailing all of Hollywood? Now that would be exhausting. Is it that they want to get back at Brad and Angie? Speaking of Brad, I think if he hadn’t dated her, married her, and then ditched her for Angelina, Jen’s career would have crapped out a long time ago.

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