Kristen Stewart lack of fashion

Kristen Stewart is a arduous someone for stylists. She understandably doesn't see what 'glamorous' way. Her make choices are ever criticized, and it looks similar there is no way out of the place. Regularize the first specialists decline to work with her.
Kristen Stewart is known for her lack of fashion sense. She often appears at glam events wearing chic dresses in a very awkward way. And despite the fact her style has developed though the years it is reported that Kristen is the client stylists don’t want to work with. It seems like celebrity status and popularity isn’t everything you need to be accepted well by the society.
The problem is that although Kristen Stewart tries really hard to look fabulous on the red carpet she prefers to stick to her casual style on the daily basis. Besides, she must be the only star who can change chic heels to sneakers right in the middle of a public event.

There are stylists who name Kristen Stewart a ‘fashion pariah’ referring to her inability to look appropriate wherever she goes. A source commented to U.S. magazine, Star:

"She has grubby nails, ratty sneakers and bad attitude. Very few people want to work with her because she doesn’t want to look good.”

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