What's your favourite episode?

Today, I wanted to post a quick post about my favourite episode. My favourite episode is actually a fairly recent episode. It is Episode 16 of Season 6 "The Screenwriter's Blues".

Despite the amazing content in the first parts of this episode, what really did it for me, was the CODA moments. The Fray, playing "You Found Me", was played during the end moments. There were several moments that great. The reading of Lucas' script was fantastic and when Lucas appears at the hospital to be with Peyton for her screening. This was a great moment in my eyes.

Anyway, just a quick post about what I think, let me know what your favourite episode was!
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Lucky Americans!

For all you lucky Americans out there, Season 6 has been release on DVD for you all today. It is only just airing here in the U.K. and despite having seen it all, I am still watching it religiously. Go out and enjoy your box set. I shall be waiting for it arrive in England. This could take a while...

Anyway, I want to know what you think of the new cast members? I think Shantel VanSanten, playing Quinn James, should keep the season interesting for us all. Looks like a sassy choice with a lot of attitude. Make sure you leave a comment!
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This has to be, undoubtedly, one of my favourite parts of One Tree Hill. Creator, Mark Schwahn, is known for using some of the best music around in the show. I know we all love and appreciate this, and I believe that this is one key feature that has made it the success it is today!

I recently downloaded the full Season 6 soundtrack from the show, and there are some absolute gems in there! My favourite has to be Grace Potter and Bethany Joy Galeotti singing "I Want Something That I Want." A wonderful song with a great melody and really is the staple song of Season 6 for me.

The show has also incorporated musical talents into the show, which has added a real flare to the musical side. Kate Voegele, as Mia Catalano, has been a huge success and all her music is often played on repeat in my iTunes! Bethany Joy Galeotti is also a huge success because of the show. Past singer/actors include; Tyler Hilton, Nick Lachey and Bryan Greenberg just to name a few.
Hilarie Burton, playing the part of Peyton Swayer, was also connected to the music industry with the introduction of Red Bedroom Records in Season 5, which is to be taken over by actress Bethan Joy Galeotti as Haley in Season 7.

Some extremely well known bands have also been played on One Tree Hill including; Fall Out Boy, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy Eat World performed on the show at club "Tric" which was often used as an all-ages club for good music. Karen's cafe, during the early seasons, was also used for musical performances. Artists to have played on the show include; Fall Out Boy, Nada Surf, The Honorary Title, Lupe Fiasco, Gavin DeGraw - and of course, the list goes on and on. We know this trend is to continue into Season 7 with bands such as The Noisettes playing.

Anyway, I am interested to hear what your favourite songs off of the show are. So be sure to leave a comment letting me know.

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