Men's Hairstyle 2012

Inspired by British rock scene, these cool indie snips stood out on the runways for all the right reasons. A full sweep of hair taken from the back of the crown creates a dramatic fringe effect. Have hair tapered close all around the perimeter to enhance the volume on top.

Wavy texture takes the lead in this men's medium shag, whilst ends that stick out on the sides only enhance the textured feeling of the style. For hair that's naturally thick, razored ends will remove bulk and ease the hair styling process. To style, rake damp locks with gelled fingers in the direction you want hair to fall, then let dry naturally.

 Inspired by the teddy boys of the '50s, the rockabilly blowdry is still going strong in 2012. Very, masculine with a moody vibe, the rockabilly look best suit those with thicker hair types and a good hair line. To style it, work styling mousse into damp hair and blow-dry for volume. Style into final shape with grooming cream and/or mist generously with hairspray.

Longer layers on top add interesting dynamics to this ivy leage cut. The precision layering of the haircut gives room to play around with texture, mussing it up or slicking it down for a more groomed look.

In 2012, the Caesar remains popular thanks to its versatility. To mix things up, experiment with different styling products, spike up top layers or slick them down for a different vibe.

The short shag will work best on hair that's got some natural texture to hold it's shape. The longer, side-swept fringe hugs the head, while sides are kept close for a relaxed yet groomed vibe.

Keeping hair longer on top will give you more versatility. You can choose to go au naturel or load it up with styling product, as well cut layers practically style themselves. Just add gel to damp strands and push hair into place with fingers.

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