Fashion And Products From Other Countries By Louise-Anne James

When visiting overseas countries it's always great when you can bring home a little piece of their culture with you, with items like clothing, jewellery and other traditional products bringing back memories of the people and their country home with you.

Although it's easy to overspend and bring home as much as possible, or sometimes not enough, there is also another option available with an increasing amount of internet online shops selling traditional products, that you can have shipped from all over the world right to your door.

All those products that you may have been considering buying could now possibly be available to purchase online from the comfort of your own home, so you can have a look at a few sites and start reminiscing looking at certain products, bringing back memories of when you were over there.

One example is merchandise from Thailand. The Thai people bring a lot of skill, detail and care into everything they do, producing some amazing results within short periods of time. The patience of these people is like no other with their attention to detail and always with smiles on their faces.

Although the majority of Thai products from communities are high in quality there sometimes can be more relatively cheaper versions when bought on the streets from local traders. These are made for quick turn around usually made as mass products with lower quality workmanship.

The good thing about Thai Products is that you can find high quality items available online that are hand made from local communities, with the majority of finances going back to actually provide an income for the people that made it, not just taking advantage of them.

There are a lot of different items that you can purchase from these communities such as detailed hand carved statues, wood carvings, handmade jewellery, handbags, and scarves to amazing clothing that need to be seen to be believed, with a lot of unique designs available.

If you have never been to Thailand or have been there and have been captured by the quality of products that these people can produce, it's worthwhile to have a look around for some great items that you can bring to your place.

These are only a sample of the type of products you can buy online, as when you investigate further into it, you can find all sorts of wonderful creations from all around the world, ready to be shipped to your door.

Why not try something new today, and have a look for some exciting products from local communities from all around the world.

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My 2012 Gold Forecast By Gary E Kerkow

An update to my last gold forecast in 2010

There are many variables that go into a forecast or prediction. Sometimes unforeseen events can play a major factor in the price movement of a commodity, including the price of gold in 2012. My last published analysis of the gold market was August 3, 2010. At that time, gold was priced just under $1200 an ounce. Based on my analysis then, I suggested gold could reach $2000, or possibly more, in 2011 or 2012. Gold did hit a recent high of $1925 on September 6, 2011. Since that high, gold, for the most part, has been in a correction. The last few weeks gold has started to rise again. As of this writing in January of 2012, gold is currently at $1732.

Implementing fundamental and technical analysis

The key to making the best possible 2012 gold forecast, is to properly interpret information market-wise. The two main sources of information are fundamental and technical. I believe to put the probabilities in your favor as much as possible, you should implement fundamental and technical analysis.

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating stocks, futures, and other securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity. This would include past prices and volume. Technical analysts use charts and other tools to identify certain patterns that can suggest future market price movements.

Fundamental analysis consists of using real data to evaluate a security's value. For stocks, this can include earnings, sales, return on equity, and profit margins. Depending on what is analyzed, economic factors such as interest rates, and the overall state of the economy can be used. I will implement both technical and fundamental analysis for my 2012 gold forecast.

Gold looks to advance from strong fundamentals

Fundamentally, gold has some solid factors pointing to higher prices in 2012. The world's central banks are buying gold, as they seek to diversify away from the currencies of the United States and Europe. Another important factor is that exchange traded funds are buying more gold all the time. China and India are getting into gold more and more. There is no doubt that global demand is clearly outstripping supply. This is quite bullish, and will be reflected in my 2012 gold forecast.

The bull market looks like it will continue

Gold has been in a bull market for 11 years, and counting. It had a major correction in September of 2011, and went down to about $1550 an ounce. Technically, I'm looking for gold to solidly break above $1800, on strong volume. At that point, it should be clear sailing to test the September 2011 high of $1925. If gold can close above $1925 on strong volume, we could be off to the races, and see a $200 to $300 increase from that point.

Based on my technical and fundamental analysis, along with other pertinent information, my forecast is for gold to reach between $2125 and $2225 in 2012. If a major war breaks out, an example would be Iran, the price of gold could go much higher than my forecast. Crude oil could also explode in price.

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Investors tend to take part in gold trading even though knowing the risks involved in this type of trade. This is because of the opportunities it presents in increasing someone's investments and financial portfolio. But this is only possible if you can come up with good gold trading strategies. The right set of trading strategies can provide security to your investment and even avoid the risks involved when dealing with this precious metal.

No matter how effective a trading strategy is, it will not work on all market conditions. There is a certain kind of strategy that can only work on a certain market condition. When developing gold trading strategies, you must take into account four important rules.

Study the trend

Examining the trend is one of the most effective ways to comprehend the latest news in the industry. The information you acquire can be used to forecast future market conditions like the gold price movement in the world market. Although it sounds simple, you still need to take into account various sub-factors such as the socio-political activities in intercontinental territories as well as your own. These identified sub-factors influence gold trading in a global level.

Manage Risks

There is a large amount of money involved in gold trading, and it is therefore always important to play it safe. It is a fact that risks are always present in this type of trade but it is also your job to look for ways that can lessen or even avoid them. You can do a thorough research on the market and develop a systematic plan rather than act unthinkingly. There are ways to assure yourself that your investment will produce great rewards.

Diversification of Personal Portfolio

Diversifying your portfolio is another way to manage risk since it allows you to provide balance by distributing your investment into multiple forms. Loss will have a small impact because portfolio diversification prevents you from losing everything at once. So, in event that the gold market experiences some catastrophe, you still have something stored to recover from your losses.

Enhance Your Knowledge

The best way to come up with good trading strategies is to learn from experts and professionals on dealing with this precious metal. You can benefit from gold the same as any experienced trader or investor. Although there are a lot of experts who don't want to share their knowledge, there are those who want to give back, help or make a living by providing valuable information.

You can find valuable tips and advice from experts on how to develop effective gold trading strategies in the internet. There is a wide range of selections to choose from. Before entering into gold trading, you need to learn as much as you can about it and then learn the ways to develop effective trading strategies.

Investor and trader, John Conejos spends a lot of time studying trends and analyzing market strategies. He wants to enhance traders' and investors' understanding on gold and silver trading. Now you can catch the trend before momentum runs out. Visit Derivative Trading Systems and download its FREE e-book. Learn the "8 Winning Trading Strategies for Gold and Silver in 2012" and the 3 highly valuable technical analysis strategies for greater profit when dealing with these commodities.

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Many of us would like to liquidate some of our gold assets in the form of coins or jewellery and have no idea how to begin. One way to sell gold is by putting up online at eBay. This is not necessarily the best option because it will require a lot of patience and effort but it is a viable alternative to using a pawnbroker or coin dealer.

First and Foremost

Know what your stuff is worth. Maybe you are trying to sell gold online because you are unhappy with the amount quoted by a dealer or pawnbroker. Do not set yourself up for failure - the chance are that online you are going to make about the same amount or perhaps a bit more. Unless there is a lot of interest in your item, you are going to be only a little better off than if you had taken it in.

Your first step would be to find out what the current spot price for gold is and also find out the weight of your item. This will give you a rough idea what the gold is worth but not what the stones are worth.

Stick to the Rules

Your next move is to check out the rules to sell gold on eBay before going any further. Go to the eBay home screen and click on the "Help" section. Find "Help Topics" and then search for "Gold Policies". The first topic to come up will be "Jewelery, Precious Metals and Loose Beads". Click on this topic for a list of examples. Scroll down the list of examples and see the rules and regulations that will apply when you want to sell gold on eBay. Read through carefully before listing your item.

Use your Common Sense

Does it make sense to put a blurry photo or no photo at all of the goods? Take a few good quality photos of the back and front of the piece. Let people see exactly what it is that they are buying. Make sure to also add a complete description.

Get the Money First

When it comes to payment, only accept that payment has been made once your bankers have confirmed that the funds have been cleared into your account. Under no circumstances should you send the goods out before the funds have cleared. There are a number of scam artists and they are quite adept at forging proof of payment. Don't fall for it.

If you are willing to put in the extra time and effort, eBay can be a great place to sell gold on. Just follow these basic tips and you will be fine.

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Gold has always held its value all over the world, even in troubled financial times. In India, gold assumes huge significance because it's considered to be the most treasured saving of every household. Moreover huge emotional and sentimental value is attached to the gold you own, which is why many of us are against the idea of applying for gold loans. However these loans offer you a brilliant opportunity to get yourself out of sticky situations and it's rather unfortunate that many Indians don't make the most of this option available to them.

Gold Loans: Why should you opt for them?

These loans make perfect sense because they are your gateway to instant hard cash. If you have an urgent financial commitment, have to raise funds for your business or any personal reason, these loans are ideal for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should look into them carefully:

* The value of gold can be estimated instantly unlike other security loans. Thus you get the loan amount instantly.
* Many co-operative banks and several other banks give you these loans even if you don't have an account with them. A copy of your ration card is all that's needed.
* There are many financial institutions and lenders who will offer you loans on your gold.
* Depending on the market rate of gold and different bank policies, you can get loan on gold for up to Rs. 20, 00,000, which can tide you over many difficult situations.
* Salary recipients don't get any tax exemption on these loans but business owners can show expense on interest in their expenses to get tax benefits.

Gold Loans: Things you should remember

While it's true that you get cash against your gold almost instantly, you will have to pay a processing fee of about 0.56%. It's just one of the few things you will need to consider before applying for these loans:

* Your gold can be kept in a bank for only a certain period of time. However you can redeem and mortgage it the next day itself.
* If you don't pay any interest or principal amount on the loan, then after a certain period of time, usually three years, your gold can be brought for auction. The time period varies from one bank to another.
* Interest rates for these loans tend to be high with many banks. Other financial institutions hike up the interest rate after an initial period of three months.

Hence if you need to get a loan against gold, you will need to carefully look into the terms and conditions of banks and financial institutions before applying for these loans. Individual lenders should be your last option.

Gold Loans: What do different banks charge?

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank (ICICI Bank) charges an interest rate of 14-15% on these loans, while State Bank Of India (SBI) charges between 13.75 to 14.25%. International Netherlands Group Vysya Bank (ING Vysya Bank) has a lower interest rate at 12-13%, while Canara Bank and The Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-Operative Bank (TNSC Bank) charge a flat 14% interest rate for these loans.

Besides interest rates, you will also need to think about processing fees and other factors, when you apply for Gold Loans, which can give you a helping hand in tricky financial times.

BankBazaar is a marketplace where you can instantly get the lowest loan rates, compare and apply online for your personal loans and home loans and from India's leading banks and NBFCs.
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Mobiles have made world a close knit and one single global family with so many activities that can be carried out on it like chatting, dating, entertainment, games and much more. There has to be some technology behind these activities that we can perform on the mobiles! The credit goes to the mobile application development technology which has made so much possible on our mobiles and smart phones. There is a boom in the mobile market, and customer has become the king, their each demand and suggestions are taken seriously and worked to make it a reality.

So what’s so new to the world of mobiles? The answer is ‘Android’, this smart phone is the hot new favorite between the mobile application software developers. This handset offers complete operating environment based on the Linux V2.6 kernel version. The key platforms of Android are operating systems, the middleware and the key applications. Its higher version Android SDK offers many tools and APIs that are important for starting the development this mobile’s platform by application of Java.

This handset which is built of Linux kernel and have many functions which are useful for the customers. Its UI sub-system has views, windows and widgets for displaying of elements like lists, edit box, etc. In Android application development the mobile application developer develops browser based on WebKit. Google maps are most famous Android applications which display particular addresses remaining within the boundaries of the mobile application. The Android software stack is very well-equipped and can very well support various location based services. Touch-screen, cameras, motion-censors, etc are also supported by this software.

In Android application development, earlier the major concern of professionals was to how to keep in line with media or graphics. The built-in support has worked as a rescue system for Android for 2D and 3D graphics.

This smart phone is very friendly in terms of mobile applications development, it supports services like up-date checking application, network monitor and content management. Android has become of the most favorite handset in the mobile industry. Therefore mobile application developers now use this wide platform for different purposes. The companies by using this technology gains power to win the market competition and customers’ favor.

As the number of Android phones has increased in the past few months, the mobile application developers have also shifted their focus towards inventing new technologies and applications. In market you can find right from higher versions of Android to economic range handsets which show its popularity level and craze among the people.

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