Lady Gaga Hair Fashion Style

Lady Gaga has a fashion that unique but it is easy to remember, and it becomes her style. Here are some Lady Gaga's hair style:

1. Mickey Style 

This hair style was introduced at the Paparazzi video. But she developed it into two colors on a visit to Australia.

2.  Weeds style
It seems that Lady Gaga was having a 'bad hair day'. Her short hair is drenched in a sweaty look like weeds.

3.  Cake style
Similar to Amy Winehouse's hair, but his version has two colors wrapped and decorated like a cake.

4.  Button Style

This hair is inspired by a shirt button, it is round and also has four holes in the middle.

5. Telephone Style
for the video clip of "Telephone", she presents a hair style that resembles a phone attached to the left side of his head. This style was widely imitated and become a parody.

6. Lighting

Headdress as lightning is seen as part of her hair. Due to his head encased by a cover which connects with the clothing.

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