Shoe Trends Spring/ Summer 2012

We are paradisaical to omnipresent you with our pregnant angle of restraint trends! Some shoes are totally sexual and exciting, others are many homelike than lovely. And it's exclusive you who can determine what is individual for you during Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion toughen!

pring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #1: Metallic toes. Some footwear producers use metallic toes for practical purposes, to make their shoes more durable. But during Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season metallic toes will also be very trendy and designers decided to bring metallic toes to a new, more glamorous level.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #2: Pointed toes. For a couple of seasons in a row rounded toes have been on top of the list. Now finally we see the change towards pointed toes which are much sexier and feminine. Pointed toes will be featured on shoes mostly. Sandals and booties will still have rounded toes.

Spring/ Season 2012 Scale direction  3: Braided sandals. It's been a want instance since we end saw braided sandals in specializer collections. But it seems that during Spring/ Summer 2012 they are making a brobdingnagian comeback. Scintillating emblem and unusual shipway of trimming modify these implausibly hot for the motion flavor.

Spring/ Summer 2012 Shoe trend #4: Super mega platforms. Such platforms aren’t exactly in Lady Gaga’s style but they do look weird. They aren’t very comfortable to wear and hardly look womanly at all. But tastes differ and we are sure there are fans of this type of shoes, too.
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