Eyeshadow make up

There are lots of assorted types of eyeshadow, so it can be granitic to decide the best one to get that perfect face. Here's a guide to to help you!

First, there are cream eyeshadow. You can wear them unparalleled, or underneath pressed or light eyeshadow. If you wear it the second way, it makes the colors more intense. One problem is it can make creases show up really easily, so only put it on your eyelid. They also aren't so great for oilier skin types.

Next we have loose eyeshadow (center), which is the messiest of the three options! You can usually get the same effect from pressed eyeshadow with way less mess and effort. That brings us to pressed eyeshadow (right), which is really popular. It's easy to use and you can use it for lots of different looks. You can apply it with water or use eyeshadow formula to make it look different, and use it for all your everyday looks.
Those are the three main types of eyeshadow. If you're still not sure, start with pressed eyeshadow and try it out!
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