Lady Gaga's Tattoos

Lady Gaga's unicorn tattoo bears the title of her latest album 'Born This Way'. Her tattoo is placed on the left mid-thigh and features a portrait of a unicorn with the 'Born This Way' ribbon wrapped around its horn.


Lady Gaga also sports a quite large tattoo on her inner left arm. The tattoo is quoting German poet Rainer Maria Rilke: "Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write?" Lady Gaga dedicated her 'Little Monsters' tattoo to her fans earlier this year.


Lady Gaga got inked on her hip with a roses and vines tattoo by no other than Kat Von D. The celebrity tattoo artist touched up Lady Gaga's back tattoo design with additional flowers.
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