Selling Gold on eBay By Ana Fe A Dumangas

Many of us would like to liquidate some of our gold assets in the form of coins or jewellery and have no idea how to begin. One way to sell gold is by putting up online at eBay. This is not necessarily the best option because it will require a lot of patience and effort but it is a viable alternative to using a pawnbroker or coin dealer.

First and Foremost

Know what your stuff is worth. Maybe you are trying to sell gold online because you are unhappy with the amount quoted by a dealer or pawnbroker. Do not set yourself up for failure - the chance are that online you are going to make about the same amount or perhaps a bit more. Unless there is a lot of interest in your item, you are going to be only a little better off than if you had taken it in.

Your first step would be to find out what the current spot price for gold is and also find out the weight of your item. This will give you a rough idea what the gold is worth but not what the stones are worth.

Stick to the Rules

Your next move is to check out the rules to sell gold on eBay before going any further. Go to the eBay home screen and click on the "Help" section. Find "Help Topics" and then search for "Gold Policies". The first topic to come up will be "Jewelery, Precious Metals and Loose Beads". Click on this topic for a list of examples. Scroll down the list of examples and see the rules and regulations that will apply when you want to sell gold on eBay. Read through carefully before listing your item.

Use your Common Sense

Does it make sense to put a blurry photo or no photo at all of the goods? Take a few good quality photos of the back and front of the piece. Let people see exactly what it is that they are buying. Make sure to also add a complete description.

Get the Money First

When it comes to payment, only accept that payment has been made once your bankers have confirmed that the funds have been cleared into your account. Under no circumstances should you send the goods out before the funds have cleared. There are a number of scam artists and they are quite adept at forging proof of payment. Don't fall for it.

If you are willing to put in the extra time and effort, eBay can be a great place to sell gold on. Just follow these basic tips and you will be fine.

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