how to make grilled steak and pepper fajitas - recipes mexican
photos of how to make grilled steak and pepper fajitas

Ingredients List :

Serves 6 to 8 ;

� cup olive oil
� cup red wine vinegar
� cup sugar
?juice of 2 limes
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon cumin
4 cloves of garlic, minced
salt and fresh coarse ground black pepper to taste
1 to 1 ? kg of lean boneless steak like entrecote
2 onions, cut into thin rings
� each, red, green and golden sweet bell pepper, seeded and cut into julienne
1 teaspoon Fajita seasoning, or to taste
juice of 1 lime
salt and coarse ground black pepper to taste
warm soft flour tortillas
? Serve with black beans relish, Pico de Gallo, sour cream & Guacamole

Method :


1.Put the first 8 ingredients in a zip lock bag large enough to hold them and the steak. Mix well. Season to taste with pepper and add the steak. Zip closed and sort of massage the package to work the marinade well into the steak. Allow to sit for about an hour. Then grill or broil the steak to desired degree of doneness. I think it is much better if it is on the rare side. When steak is done allow to set for about five minutes before slicing. Season to taste with salt.

2.Meanwhile, heat a bit of oil in a heavy skillet and gently saut? the onion rings until soft and just beginning to turn golden around the edges. Add the peppers and continue to saut? until they are done to desired degree of doneness. Better to be a bit under done than over done. Then add the next 2 ingredients and toss gently to distribute evenly. Season to taste with salt, and pepper. Cook all gently for 2 to 3 more minutes. Then toss gently and remove from the heat.

3.Slice the steak very thinly and arrange on a serving platter. Arrange the saut?ed peppers and onions next to the meat. Garnish with wedges of fresh lemon and sprigs of fresh cilantro. Accompany with warm soft tortillas and salsa of choice.

Each diner will use pieces of the soft tortillas to wrap around bits of the meat, onion and pepper
how to make grilled steak and pepper fajitas - recipes mexican

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